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Easter Cupcakes and a Breakfast Casserole I made on Saturday (recipes will follow another day)


I am hosting Easter Brunch this year for my family, so I’ve been trying to put together a menu and decide on how to decorate cupcakes.  This weekend was all about playing around with recipes.  I made strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and topped them with cute little egg baskets.  I think they turned out well, but I’m still not sure if this is what I want to serve for Easter Sunday.  Maybe I can make bunny cupcakes or ones with flowers?  I don’t know.  At this point, I think I am just confusing myself.  I love hosting holidays and parties, but I am one of those people who puts too much stress on myself to impress.  I don’t want to serve decent food.  I want to serve GREAT food.  I don’t want to serve regular cupcakes.  I want to serve AMAZING cupcakes.  My friend and I threw a Christmas party about 5 years ago and people actually thought we had the food catered, but I made all the food myself.  I was in the kitchen all day cooking up a storm, and by the time the party started…I was exhausted.  LOL

I am trying to keep myself under control this time and not go overboard.  I am also trying to test recipes in advance so I know what I like and don’t like, and so I have an idea of how long the recipes take me to make.  In addition to making cupcakes this weekend, I also threw together a breakfast casserole.  I didn’t use a recipe.  I’ve read so many breakfast casserole recipes over the past few weeks that I just made a recipe up.  I didn’t think it out.  I simply opened up my fridge and started pulling stuff out.  Thankfully, it was delicious.  My husband was impressed, which always makes me happy.

All in all, I think I had a pretty successful test run, but I am still researching recipes to come up with the perfect menu.  I’m not putting up the recipes yet, but I will post them later this week.  This post really isn’t about sharing the recipes I used this weekend, but about finding the perfect recipes.

What’s your favorite Easter recipe?  If you have one, please share.  I would love to hear recipes from other people.  Feel free to post your recipes in the comments, or go to my facebook fan page to post it.  I hope to hear from some of you.

Easter cupcakes. Strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting.

Main ingredients used for breakfast casserole.

Breakfast casserole

Breakfast casserole in my pretty baking dish.


  1. I love both of these ideas. thanks for sharing. can’t wait for the recipes. We’ve been getting really exited about easter too. You might like our special easter hot cross bun post including a recipe!

    • Thanks! Those hot cross buns look great!

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